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Ant Mascot 2

This is my character design which was selected by client (a logistic company)..


Here is lineart..



And this is the first illustration of that mascot



Behance link


Denizli Rooster

This is a piece that i drew for a friend’s son who enter the construction engineering faculty in Denizli. (Aegean side of Turkey)
And this is the famous Denizli Rooster of that domain 🙂


Here is the lineart


And here is the Behance link

Ant-Man Mascot

Karakter1_Renkler2 This is a character alternative that wasn’t selected. Client picked the other one which i can not show right now. It’s a logistic company that moves big stuff over seas and lands. They can carry hem by different kind of transportations like ship, truck, train etc. And they can provide large-scale storage services.   Karakter1_Poz01 Karakter1_Poz02   Karakter1_Poz03   Karakter1_Ozellikler2   But i like him anyway 🙂