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Birth of Venus

Advert clip for 49th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.

Antrepo – Animation Studio
1000 Volt – Post Production House
Cihan Ezerbolat – Director & Art Director & 2D Animator & Compositing Artist
Cenk Köksal – Director & 2D Animator & 3D Animator & Compositing Artist
Hüseyin Bilir – Producer
Zeynep Özkan – Concept Designer & Background Illustrator & Clean Up Artist
Nur Diker – 3D Modeller & Clean Up Artist
Öykü Doğan – 2D Colorist & Texture Artist & Clean Up Artist
Murat Özdemir – Character Rigger & Compositing Artist
Hakan Demiröz – Simulation & Render TD
Andreas Brückl – Final Colorist
Ceren Özkarataş – Music Composer & Vocal
Volkan İncüvez – Guitar
Murat Soytürk – Keyboard
Erkan Ciğit – Sound Designer & Sound Mixer
Mustafa Durma – Sound Designer & Sound Mixer

And you can watch the making of video below

After we had the script from the festival organizers, we changed it into a story that we could manage to deliver in time.
Then, we started to visualise it through storyboarding and concept drawings. After making a couple of versions of the animatic we decided on one final edit and the project took off.
The actual challenge began after our animatic was approved. We didn’t know which technique to use with the time restrictions we had and also, organizers let us free to decide.

After long discussions, we decided to do it in 3d referenced 2d classical animation style.

Here how we solved things;
1. First, Festival’s statue figure “Venus” was redesigned into a more animatic character.

2. After that, it was modeled in Maya, then rigged roughly since we only needed the 3D Venus character to reference it for our 2d cell animations.
3. Meanwhile, all shots’ concept drawings and bakcgrounds were being illustrated.
4. All Venus shots were animated in Maya with 12 fps and rendered with a default Lambert shader.
5. These sequences were then traced in Corel Painter. The water flows were added as cel animations, then colored in Toonz.
6. For creating a 2d look 3d ocean, we used HOT (Houdini Ocean Toolkit) for Maya. Created some custom wave and wave foam textures.
The result was successful for the shots in which the ocean was in the distant background.
7. But, especially for the maelstrom shot we also needed to simulate water refraction. So, we took the textures into After Effects and distorted them with CC Glass effect using a fractal texture as surface.
With the addition of twirl distortion and rotation animation, we created couple of animated textures. Then, used these animated sequences on a distorted mesh in Maya and rendered them pass by pass.
8. For plant growing shots, Maya’s Paint Effects saved the day 🙂 We rendered lots of trees and plants with a ramp shader.
9. Then all the elements were taken into After Effects once again for final compositing. Layers of passes were composited, and most of them re-tweaked again.
10. After finish compositing, we sent it to Base Light suite for final color correction, then of course to the sound department for sound design and final mix.
Thank you for watching

Güle Güle Depresyon

guleguledepresyon.com is online!
“Good bye Depression” in English. It’s an educational cartoon series which defines depression and suggests solutions. Site sponsored by Pfizer.

Client: Pfizer
Agency: Nanodrm
Production: BİR
Creative Director: Can Arı
Script: Aslı Soylu
Director: Cenk Köksal
Animators: Emre Çamcı, Cenk Köksal, Cihan Ezerbolat, Pınar Topçu
Voice: Serkan Altunorak
Account Management: Sertaç Tomaç

Milk Island for TetraPak

An adver game site for “TetraPak” which is the only package manufacturer for liquid drinks in Turkey. Sites purpose is stimulating children to drink at least two glass of milk in a day.

Agency: McCann Erickson Istanbul
Concept Design / Character Design: Hakan Kocaeli, Cenk Köksal
3D Modelling and Animations: Cenk Köksal, Evren Rodoplu
Flash Animations: Türker Vural

Site Link

Stop motion viral commercial for Binboa Vodka is done!

We were really excited when “41?-29!” called us for producing a stop motion video for their client “Binboa Vodka”s product, the “Design Your Own Bottle”. They ve briefed us about what they want and the hard-working, brain-melting process has begun!
We ve begun our work by drawing our storyboards to show 41?-29! staff how we will tell our story and how 550 bottles will be used to produce an impressive stop-motion video. After some brainstormings with 41?-29!’s creative team we ve concluded the storyboard process and jumped directly to the animation process.
First we ve finalized the whole animation in a classical way, on papers 🙂 and then we ve created a template for being able to transfer all those drawings on the surface of 550 bottles. With 5 highly talented young art students we ve managed to transfer our drawings on bottles. During this process 41?-29!’s “shooting team” managed the production process and with their valuable assistance we ve came to the shooting process. Endless nights, nervous breakdowns, failures and at the end of the week we finally managed to finish the shooting process 🙂
2 more days of post-production and the work is done !

The stop motion was made with 550 bottles, which are all hand drawn with permanent markers. We took 5000 photos to complete the animation. The shooting process took over 100 hours. The camera behind this video is the marvellous Canon EOS 5d Mark II. The music used for the animation is Like a Player by Lorenz Rhode.

Here is the making of video:

Client: Binboa Vodka
Agency: 41?29
Production: 41?29
Animation (BİR):
Cenk Köksal
Hakan Kocaeli
Evren Rodoplu
Post Procustion (BİR):
Cenk Köksal
Hakan Kocaeli
Evren Rodoplu
Animation Transfer Team:
Burak Öncel
Azra Alper
Cansu Güvenkaya
Mahmut Aydın
Mehmet Erin Yeşildere

Biri ADSL – Adver Game

An adver game for “Biri ADSL” which is one of the internet provider in Turkey. Characters were modeled and animated by me. Production 41?29.

The game is actually a traditional teenager game in here. One of the two teams bend and line up one of another. One by one, the other team run, jump and crash on their backs to collapse their structure. It cycles like this.

Site Link

PS: The official game is over. This is the test link of the production company

ÜLKER KRİSPİ – Official Web Site

2d design by Hakan Kocaeli

The character modelled by me. Animated by me and Evren Rodoplu. Production 41?29

Site Link

FANTA – Official Web Site

Characters animated  and rendered by me.

Site Link

CAFE CROWN – Official Web Site

“Awarded with Crystal Apple”

Cafe Crown Intro_1

Cafe Crown Intro_2

Cafe Crown Intro_3

Cafe Crown Reklamlar

Cafe Crown Eglence

Cafe Crown Ailesi

I made the designs for 3D. Production 41?29

Site Link

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