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Birth of Venus

Advert clip for 49th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. I was co-director and lots of other stuff at this project 🙂

Also you can watch the making of video below


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Nestle Toto Tvc (Giant Dad)

Tvc for Nestle’s chocolate egg with toy inside which commonly known as surprise egg. Brand name is Toto.
I made 3D animatic and 3D animation.

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Danino Buz

Cel animation tvc for fruit yogurt brand Danino. Directed by Cihan Ezerbolat.

I was responsible for Layouts, 2D animations and compositing.

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Molfix TVC “Newborn”

Hi again,

It’s been almost a year since my last post. I’ve been working at 1000 Volt Post Production Company as animator, then lead animator, sometimes supervisor, and director for some projects.
We made tens of animated tvc projects since i was hired.
I can start posting them respectively and keep here updated simultaneously.

This tvc was made for one of the bigest dyper brand in Turkey. Directed by brilliant artist Luca Schenato. Animated by me, Cihan Ezerbolat and Kartal Arat.


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